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Roger Deakins Video Supercut Celebrates the Cinematographer's Work

Titled “Shadows in the Valley”, this video is a celebration of the work of cinematographer Roger Deakins, piecing together just a few of the masterful shots that make up his illustrious career. From The Assassination of Jesse James to Skyfall to Barton Fink to Fargo to The Shawshank Redemption to O Brother Where Art Thou to No Country for Old Men, Deakins’ filmography is filled with gorgeous film after gorgeous film.


Not Just Bees: Controversial Pesticides Linked to Bird Declines | Science | WIRED

In case you needed another reason to buy organic when you can. Don’t encourage bad behavior in the people that sell you your food by giving them money. There’s a reason that junk is so cheap

5 Arguments That Will Convince You the Keystone XL Pipeline Is a Bad Idea

My grandmother Socorro Ortega passed away today. When my Mom was a single mom and couldn’t take care of me on her own, my grandmother would help her out by watching me. I spent so much time with her. She was the kindest and most supportive person in my life and was always genuinely happy to see me. I am thankful that she was my grandmother. She showed me God’s love and I know that I’ll see her again someday soon. I don’t usually put things like this on social networking sites but she was so special to me that I didn’t want it to be left unsaid. I will really miss her.

How To Create An Effective Trailer and Get Yours Done Free (Deadline is Sunday) | Shadow and Act

Here's Your First Look Inside Broadway's Brand New Ace Hotel - Curbed Inside - Curbed LA

Four Tribes by Jason Glover — Kickstarter

I was so impressed by this game that I immediately had to fund it.

Watch the tutorial here and then do yourself a favor and get a copy

#favoriteplaces #sandiego #nationalpark  (at Cabrillo National Monument)
Whale watching for the day #sandiego #favoriteplaces #nationalpark (at Cabrillo National Monument)
Sad to leave tomorrow #favoriteplaces #sandiego #balboapark (at Balboa Park)