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Saw this on Saturday and just now realized I hadn’t posted it yet. This is video of the Duncan West Coast Yoyo Championship in Downtown Disney Anaheim.

Sparksheet @ APEX » Sparksheet@APEX Podcast: The Connectivity Edition

I’ll be at the APEX expo all this week. It’s a convention for the airline industry that brings the decision makers of the airlines together with those who provide services that improve the customer experience.

Every day, Carl Toler, Kristina Velan, Sophie Woodrooffe and myself will be working to put together an audio podcast for Sparksheet that showcases different aspects of entertainment, media and the inflight world.

Have a listen to yesterday’s podcast and tell me what you think

Roger Deakins Video Supercut Celebrates the Cinematographer's Work

Titled “Shadows in the Valley”, this video is a celebration of the work of cinematographer Roger Deakins, piecing together just a few of the masterful shots that make up his illustrious career. From The Assassination of Jesse James to Skyfall to Barton Fink to Fargo to The Shawshank Redemption to O Brother Where Art Thou to No Country for Old Men, Deakins’ filmography is filled with gorgeous film after gorgeous film.


Not Just Bees: Controversial Pesticides Linked to Bird Declines | Science | WIRED

In case you needed another reason to buy organic when you can. Don’t encourage bad behavior in the people that sell you your food by giving them money. There’s a reason that junk is so cheap

5 Arguments That Will Convince You the Keystone XL Pipeline Is a Bad Idea

My grandmother Socorro Ortega passed away today. When my Mom was a single mom and couldn’t take care of me on her own, my grandmother would help her out by watching me. I spent so much time with her. She was the kindest and most supportive person in my life and was always genuinely happy to see me. I am thankful that she was my grandmother. She showed me God’s love and I know that I’ll see her again someday soon. I don’t usually put things like this on social networking sites but she was so special to me that I didn’t want it to be left unsaid. I will really miss her.

How To Create An Effective Trailer and Get Yours Done Free (Deadline is Sunday) | Shadow and Act

Here's Your First Look Inside Broadway's Brand New Ace Hotel - Curbed Inside - Curbed LA

Four Tribes by Jason Glover — Kickstarter

I was so impressed by this game that I immediately had to fund it.

Watch the tutorial here and then do yourself a favor and get a copy

#favoriteplaces #sandiego #nationalpark  (at Cabrillo National Monument)